Presentations from the Public Health Wales Research Showcase Event - Bringing Together Health and Social Care Research: A Revolution in Transformation Conference on Wednesday 13th March 2019 are now available.


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1) A Healthier Wales: Coordinated Research, Innovation and Improvement

Keynote address: Ifan Evans - Director of Technology & Transformation, Welsh Government

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2) Adding value through evaluation: learning from the pacesetter programme

Robin Miller - Lead Researcher, University of Birmingham

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3) The long-term public health impact of arts and cultural engagement

Dr Daisy Fancourt - Senior Research Associate, University College, London

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4) Engaging imprisoned men as peer researchers to better understand health and wellbeing in prison

Stephanie Perrett - Lead Nurse for Health and Justice, Public Health Walels

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5) Prevalence Estimates of Problem and Injecting Drug Use in Wales 2010 to 2020

Josie Smith - Head of Substance Misuse/Senior Health Protection Specialist, Public Health Wales

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6) Driving Sustainable Evidence-Informed Investment for Health and Well-being: The New WHO Collaborting Centre at Public Health Wales

Mariana Dyakova - Consultant in Public Health, WHO CC, Public Health Wales


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7) National Stay Well in Wales Survey

Dr Catherine Sharp, Research Officer, Bangor University

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8) Generating the evidence needed to make a difference to population health (Research and Evaluation Strategy)

Alisha Davies - Head of Research and Development, Public Health Wales

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Breakout session: Promoting Healthy Behaviours

1) ACEs and Homelessness in Wales: Prevalence and Intervention

Charlotte Grey - Researcher, Public Health Wales


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2) Social Prescribing Interventions for Health & Well-being

Mark Griffiths - Public Health Wales & Lucy Hancock - Hwyel Dda Public Health Team

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3) Travel to School Survey: Validation and Testing of Hands-Up Methodology in Primary Schools In Wales

Amy Davies - Senior Health Promotion Practitioner, Public Health Wales

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4) Exploring the acceptability and feasibility of implementing activity monitoring devices to support physical activity within an exercise referral scheme

Jemma Hawkins - Research Fellow, DECIPHer, Cardiff University

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Breakout session: Digital Health and Big Data

1) Cost of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) - a Systematic Review

Huw Lloyd-Williams - Research Officer, Bangor University

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2) Electronic Longitudinal Alcohol Study in Communities (ELASTiC)

Professor. Simon Moore - Principal Investigator, Cardiff University

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3) How people in Wales use technology to support and monitor their health

Alisha Davies - Head of Research and Development, Public Health Wales

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4) Big Data from Small Bugs: Translating the Pathogen Genomics Revolution into clinical reality in Wales

Dr Tom Conner - Reader, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University


Congratulations to all our poster winners:

1) Most innovative research

Dr Stephanie Perrett - The impact of being in prison on the health and wellbeing of older men on a vulnerable prisoner wing: findings from a peer-researcher project

2) Greatest public involvement

Leanne Sawle - Osteoarthritis (joint wear and tear), public engagement, and the musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Frailty

3) Greatest impact upon policy or practice

Wendy Harrison - A survey of the prevalence of infection and antimicrobial usage in care homes in Wales

4) Delegates choice

Jennifer Ward - The Design and Delivery of a Community Pharmacy Based Positive Psychology Intervention: A feasibility study



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