PhD in Medicine - The Psychological and Physical Impact of Stroke on Carers and Relatives in Wales

Closing date: 28 June 2019

In this project you will investigate the emotional and physical burden experienced by the people who care for people affected by stroke.

Over the past few years, a Standard Set of data for stroke survivors has been developed by a global working-group of stroke specialist. Building upon the success ongoing Welsh research into the Patient Reported Outcome measures (PROM) in stroke, this research project aims to assess the PROM in the relatives and carers of Stroke survivors across Wales.

The successful candidate will first perform a systematic review and literature search of the health burden of stroke carers and assess what tools are used to assess those health needs. Subsequently they will identify stroke survivors and their careers within HealthWise Wales. They will approach them and ask them targeted questions related to their stroke journey. Finally, they will access the health information of the carers via data linkage.

Funding Note

The studentship is generously funded by the Stroke Implementation Group of Welsh Government.

Applicants should possess a minimum of an upper second class Honours degree, master's degree, or equivalent in a relevant subject.

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