New Research and Evaluation Strategy Launched


R&E Strategy E.JPGThe new Public Health Wales Research and Evaluation strategy highlights our commitment to embedding research and evaluation across the organisation, enabling us to build the knowledge needed to improve health and well-being across Wales (Strategic Priority 7). 

The strategy was developed following staff and external engagement in late 2018/19, and builds on progress to date and current research activities underway across the organisation:

Public Health Wales Research Strategy 2019 - 2025

It sets the future direction to strength and grow research and evaluation across the strategic priorities within Public Health Wales, build a supportive culture and strengthen links with external partners. 
Dr Alisha Davies, Head of Research and Evaluation:

“As an organisation, we have made significant progress over the past three years, and this strategy represents the next phase in that journey. Building a thriving research and evaluation environment across all areas of our work, focused on generating the evidence we need to make a difference to health.

 “We hope this new strategy will be even more transformational than the last.  It provides a crucial strategic steer, re-emphasises the importance of supporting staff to grow in these key areas, drawing on existing and building new partnerships, and sharing successes”

The strategy outlines six strategic objectives for priority action from 2019 to 2025:

1.    Setting the agenda for population health research and evaluation
2.    Building a research and evaluation culture through investment in our staff
3.    Generating evidence to inform action by leading and facilitating innovative research and evaluation
4.    Working together to have a positive impact on population health
5.    Being visible: effecting change through communication
6.    Building an enabling infrastructure to support successful implementation.