Feedback needed on ethics framework for public involvement

Closing date: 15 March 2019

The Health Research Authority (HRA) is inviting feedback from the research community on its framework for good ethical practice for public involvement in health and social care research.

You can read and review the framework here, and view a pictorial representation of the guidance here.

The key questions that the HRA is seeking views on are:
  • Are there any aspects of the 2017 framework, which you feel, need clarity or explanation?
  • Looking at the pictorial star, can you think of any additional issues that are not included in the 2017 framework that you feel should be considered?
  • Can you offer any examples and/or reasons why the point(s) you raise should be included?
  • In your view, does the framework align with good practice recommendations (e.g. the Going the Extra Mile recommendations and the National Standards for Public Involvement)?  Please give examples.
  • Do you wish to add anything further?

Please send back any feedback via email to the HRA by clicking here. Deadline for responses is 15 March 2019.