£1.6m available for research to improve health care quality in the UK

Closing date: 16 May 2019

The Health Foundation are inviting researchers to submit outline proposals for research that advances the development and use of data from national clinical audits and patient registries as a mechanism for improving health care quality in the UK under our Insight Research Programme 2019.

The rich information held in national clinical audits and registries can be used to inform improvements in health care quality. However, there
is widespread recognition that national clinical audits and registries could be further developed. They are essential to understanding the
quality of care provided, particularly regarding clinical effectiveness, but also other domains of quality.

The Health Foundation want to support four to five projects with funding between £300,000 and £400,000 for a maximum duration of four years. We are looking for innovative and ambitious research with the potential to transform the use of audit and registry data to improve quality of care.

The priority areas for this call are:

  • patient focused audits and registries
  • accelerating the use of linked data to support future challenges and trends in quality and care or to improve the value of health care
  • demonstrating and enhancing the impact of national clinical audits and registries on practice and policy.

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