Population Health: Prevention is Better than Cure

30 Apr

Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester

Over the years, great strides have been made to improve the overall health of the nation. The implementation of successive public health strategies has improved longevity; however, greater life expectancy does not guarantee a life lived in good health. In the UK, 60% of healthcare  funding is spent on cure and rehabilitation, with only 5% invested in prevention. This means that £97bn is being spent on treating diseases, whilst only £8bn is being utilised to prevent them from occurring in the first instance. To address the imbalance, a policy paper has been published to demonstrate the intent of Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to make prevention a high priority and lay the path for a green paper in 2019.

The Population Health:
Prevention is Better than Cure conference will examine in detail how the new prevention agenda may unfold and what it aims to achieve. The event will feature and discuss:

The contents of the new policy paper and how it sets out a vision for putting prevention at the heart of the nation's health

The steps needed to tackle health inequalities
The role of technological support
Where responsibility lies?
Examples of best practice

Delegates will have the opportunity to contribute to the prevention agenda by sharing ideas, opinions and aspirations, with the aim to improve
population health.

Cost: £168 - £630.