Open Forum Events - Healthy Ageing: The Grand Challenge

19 Mar

Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester

The current UK population is at its largest ever, at 65.6 million and is predicted to continue to grow, reaching 74 million by 2039. Currently, in some regions, one in three of the population is over 65 and an increase in the overall population will undoubtedly see an equivalent increase in elderly people. The number of over 85s is set to double, with an increase of 1.5 million by 2035. This age group is the fastest growing demographic in the UK. Unfortunately, whilst improved life expectancy is to be celebrated, many elderly people will not live longer lives in good health. The risks of developing multiple long-term conditions, requiring complex care and treatment, are significantly increased in later life.

As part of the government’s industrial strategy grand challenge on Ageing Society, funding has been allocated to a ‘healthy ageing’ strategy to promote improved physical and mental health in older people

The Healthy Ageing-The Grand Challenge conference will discuss

  • The current health needs of the UK's older population and how demand is set to increase in the future
  • How to promote better health in later life and manage long-term conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular vascular and respiratory diseases, cancer, mental health and dementia
  • Healthy Ageing, as part of the Industrial Strategy Grand Challenge and how funding is to promote better health and economic benefits

Open Forum Events invite all stakeholders, involved with the health of the nation, to join us for a day of informative and expert narrative. The conference agenda, featuring the very latest updates and developments, is designed to support delegates in their work and promote healthier later lives.

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