Lucia Homolova

Lucia Homolova

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Lucia joined the team in July 2016 as a researcher, looking at the impact of mass redundancies on local communities (nationally and internationally)  and what approaches work in supporting communities facing such economic shocks and how can we harness resilience in the communities.

With background in health psychology, prior to joining PHW, Lucia worked for 5 years as a Senior Project worker and as a therapist at Living Room Cardiff/CAIS. Lucia helped with setting up number of tailored support initiatives here such as Cynnal Counselling, Support for medical professionals, Beat the Odds- a Wales based initiative for support with problem gambling, Telephone Recovery Support Programme.

As a therapist, Lucia supported individuals with addiction difficulties and in recovery, as well as their families in one to one counselling and group therapy setting, utilising techniques such as CBT, MI, Positive Therapy, and worked with recovery models such as Peer Based Recovery Support and Relapse Prevention, 12 Steps.  

She has also worked on community integration programmes with EU Roma communities settled in Wales under local authorities. She holds an MSc in Health Psychology- with thesis investigating developmental challenges, quality of life and experiences of role changes for women in midlife, from a lifespan perspective; Lucia is a member of BPS.