Annemarie Newbury

Annemarie Newbury

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Annemarie Joined Public Health Wales in November 2016 as a Research Assistant on the Early Intervention and Prevention project, looking specifically at Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the police response to vulnerability.

Annemarie has a BSc in Psychology, and an MSc in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology. Upon finishing university, Annemarie worked for NSPCC Cymru as a Research Assistant in the Policy and Public Affairs team. Annemarie worked specifically on the Welsh Neglect Early intervention and Prevention project, commissioned by the Welsh Government to reduce child neglect in Wales. Annemarie’s particular focus on this project was working with schools and early years services to look at their roles in early identification of neglect and the provisions available to support children and families once neglect has been identified.  Annemarie continues to work for NSPCC-Cymru as a Childline supervisor, supporting children who experience a range of childhood adversities, social and emotional difficulties.

After working with the NSPCC, Annemarie worked with the National Autistic Society as a project manager for a children’s group. Working with children aged 8-18 years old, Annemarie ran a club funded by Children in Need to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to develop social skills, to learn to better interact with their peers, and to overcome personal challenges. This club was also set up to support parents in caring for their children, providing extra support with difficulties they experience.

Prior to working at Public Health Wales, Annemarie worked in the adult acute mental health inpatient services, as a health care support worker on a treatment ward. She worked with patients experiencing a range of mental disorders, and assisted in the move from Whitchurch hospital to Hafan Y Coed.