Health and Care Research Wales

Health and Care Research Wales is a national, multi-faceted, virtual organisation funded and overseen by the Welsh Government’s Division for Social Care and Health Research. 

It provides an infrastructure to support and increase capacity in research and development (R&D), and runs a number of funding schemes and manages the NHS R&D funding allocation in Wales.

It's aim is to generate and support excellent research to improve the health and care of people in Wales across a range of conditions and settings. It is doing this by:

  • Providing an infrastructure to increase research capacity.
  • Providing a support service at every stage of the research process.
  • Running funding schemes for high-quality research projects.
  • Ensuring public involvement and engagement in research.
  • Collaborating with the NHS, social care, academia, industry and the third sector.

The support and delivery infrastructure across Wales includes a network of local Research and Development Offices funded by Welsh Government, including the R&D Office in Public Health Wales. Together, they provide support for the development, set-up and delivery of research. This can include helping researchers to develop research ideas and identify costs, advice and guidance on research processes and applying for research approval or providing research staff to work with healthcare teams to deliver research studies.


What is research? by Health and Care Research Wales

Research helps us stay wonderful. For more information on how you can be included in health and social care research, why not talk to your family doctor, your nurse or care provider today, or visit